This is a blog that we use to post news on our translation of "Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love". For those who don't know, it is a sequel to Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Rupeeland was released in English, but Balloon Trip of Love wasn't.

This is an unofficial fan project. We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Vanpool, and are doing this completely for free.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Complete translation patch!!!!! (okay not really)

Yeah, this was an April Fools' joke (although it looks like no one got to download it April 1st because the patch wasn't working :) )
It has up to the beginning of page 2 translated (text only) with a little message I put in it for April Fools' Day.
Original Post-
Thanks to some people at GBATemp, we have a complete translation of the text!!!! It has been inserted and is ready to be played.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!!! (But as you know from my post yesterday, the graphics are still a problem, so their obviously not translated)
Edit: 7/1/14 Use xDelta UI 



  1. Increible!! Infinitas gracias por vuestro grandísimo trabajo! Sois los mejores!

    Un abrazo!!

    1. link xdelta2 please?

    2. Thank you! ;D But I have a problem when I apply the xdelta patch:

      error: xdelta3 not a vcdiff input xd3_invalid_input

      any solution? .__.

      Thank you! ^__^

    3. April fools' joke??!! Noooooooo!!! Oooh shit!! xDDDDDD


  2. I have the same problem too. Tried some solutions provided by others but didn't work. Really need help and thank you!

  3. If you use the program that is above the patch it should work. (for instructions see the Beta Content section)
    I am going to be using xdelta 3 for now on and will update the download soon.

    1. "If you use the program that is above the patch it should work."

      That link contains xdelta 3. Can't find a binary for xdelta 2 anywhere.